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13-11-2004 Project has changed name to "in_atari". There is a couple of changes in new version:
- rewriten pokey emulation (better interpolation of sound wave)
- very high sounds should sound better
- fixed bug in two-channel sounds
- fixed bug in 5-bit poly-counter
- added suport for digitalized sounds (forth bit in AUDC)
- fixed bug that caused error in tempo change(TMC file format)
- added suport for MPT file format (buggy i think)

08-09-2004 New version of plug-in's available:0.83 for WinAmp and 0.62 for XMMS. I've correct couple of bugs in tmc library that caused some instruments to play wrong sounds from AUDF table.

08-09-2004 New version of tmc WinAmp plug-in available. I've correct bug that caused plug-in to crash on some songs during calculating song length (thanks to Jurgi for reporting this bug).

07-09-2004 I've just added a tmc plug-in for linux program called XMMS. It looks like we have twins now.

05-09-2004 There is only one thing at this moment on this site, tmc plug-in for WinAmp. In the future I plan to add more progs and utils here (all written by myself).

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